Monday, August 3, 2009

Cat Dog

There's plastic stapled just shy of the edge, waterseal on the exterior, and irrigation curled for the strike. Now I am waiting for Wrangler to rustle me some dirt.
The Crape Myrtle is flowering nicely since increasing the water.

Cat Dog destroyed one of the echinaceas so now there are about 6 and the melon that was growing new leaves took a turn for the worse, being in the same area....draw your own conclusion, so I went oriental on him and placed more chopsticks strategically around the echinacea and black eyed susans that are planted for next years enjoyment. We are trying to stick to the plan here. He looks proud as he lounges there. I am going to paint a picture of him in that style like he is a hunting dog, and then see if it is befitting over the fireplace.

This photo comes to mind as the motivation for the piece. I would move the green in closer, and painting the mulch might become distracting which presents some challenges as does painting rocks. Me painting fur presents even greater challenges. I'm trying to grow those brain cells as I go.

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On!, and Hurry Back!

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