Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show Off Your Stitches

I took a trip this morning to Boulder City to view the community gardens. I met a couple of gals from Let_It_Grow_LV, an online local gardening group, and it was fun to meet them for the first time. We walked along the raised beds that are set up like allotments. Each individually managed bed averaged about 14 ft, and the plants that were growing, the fertility of the soil, and the watering methods varied vastly from bed to bed, similarly to the personalities and the diversity of the actual owner's themselves.

I visit the gardens a handful of times a year. I like to walk amid the handiwork of gardeners. Each new planting, and new thing attempted whether successful or not is like another stitch in the quilt of one's own gardening experience. Gardening is a beautiful personal journey even with a little bad dirt, a broken sprinkler, and mint everywhere.
Heading back to LV we stopped at Bootleg Canyon. It was too hot to stay there for very long unless you are a lizard.
Bootleg Canyon is rich when there are clouds in the sky and you can see all of the colors in the rocks more clearly.
Some of the rocks have crystals in them.
Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On!

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