Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Steps

Today was the first ever harvest of peaches from the miniture peach tree and it was a huge surprise. I felt one to see how firm it was and it was ready to pick! Judging by the color, size and the slight green cast, I expected they needed more time to ripen,
except that they are white peaches! They are little, but it is relative. Have you seen their mother? I also picked the first ever cucumber from Black Mountain Garden! It is a pickling cucumber and the curiosity was getting to me. Is it edible? Or is this a"clamp your eye shut, start spitting, get it out of here, your trying to poison me" little disapointment? Michael wasn't having any of it, so I took a bite, and it actually tasted great with my coffee which was a another huge surprise because this was the 110 degree cucumber featured in a photo from a couple of weeks ago. Nothing like baby steps to build up your gardening confidence!

Thanks for visiting! To all of my gardening friends, Carry On and Hurry Back!


  1. Laura - I know what you mean about size. I think I am so over-programmed from all those years of buying my produce from the grocery store where all the fruit and veggies appear to be grown on steroids! Must be all that artificial fertilizers they use.

    What do you use to fertilize your gardens? Just compost - or someting special?

    Doreen, the Garden Goddess

  2. Doreen, I have recently found what I consider is the absolute best soil. I refer to it often now in my posts as Black Dirt, and have a started Black Dirt Chronicles (located in Great Places to Visit on the sidebar)to chronicle the effect of this product on my garden. It consists of 95% Omni Compost, 5% Sand, with 1 LB Kelp Meal, and is called Tomato Lady Soil, formulated by Leslie Doyle. It is now the most popular soil in Las Vegas!
    We can get it from GrowWell. Maybe your GrowWell in Phoenix will mix it for you.

  3. Wow! I see lots of peaches on the tree behind your proud handful. Congratulations. Enjoy!